Silk Mother dishes out a delectably juicy style that is both sappy and fierce. Their sound, inspired by decades of psychedelic and shoegaze legends, beautifully melds the delicate precision of feminine vocal harmonies, and a massive wall of dreamy sonic delight. Formed in 2016, Silk Mother is comprised of several of the Bay Area’s most talented musicians. Their members hailing from schools such as California Institute of the Arts, Mills College, and Berkeley School of Jazz, each member brings serious talent and groove to Silk Mother’s sound.


  • Maurissa Dorn – Vox, Guitar, Banjo
  • Hannah Levy – Vox
  • Lydia Martin – Vibraphone, Organ, Auxiliary Percussion.
  • Josh Mellinger – Drums
  • Keenan Pepper – Bass
  • Josh Scanlan – Lead Guitar

Electronic Press Kit

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